Looking to hire Access Equipment?

Improve your safety, productivity and work comfortably at height with our access equipment hire.

A key component of our company strategy is to continue to add to our ever-increasing product lines. This includes introducing different lines of products, such as powered access, to help meet hire demands.

With this in mind, we’ve introduced powered access equipment hire to our extensive fleet of products.

Powered access equipment is designed to enable people to work safely, productively and comfortably at height. Use of the equipment in the UK has grown dramatically over the years as ever-changing health and safety regulations demand safer practices for working at height.

As the demand for powered access equipment has increased, the range and capabilities of the new models entering the market has become more diverse. With the introduction of both lightweight and narrow models, work can now be carried out in many restricted areas, whilst at the larger end of the market, models with increased working height and outreach continue to be launched each year.

Why choose access equipment hire?

Powered access equipment is designed to be a cost effective and safe replacement for more traditional methods of access such as steps, ladders, alloy towers, scaffolding and mast climbers. Setting up and using powered access is usually significantly faster than traditional forms of access, and the machines can easily be repositioned without the need for dismantling and re-erecting equipment.

Many buildings are now designed to be both constructed and maintained using powered access equipment where commercial pressure to reduce project length and cost is a significant factor. These benefits have filtered through to many industries and powered access has become the first choice for a diverse range of sectors including: TV broadcasting, telecommunications, sign repair and erection, construction, forestry, civil engineering, window cleaning, facilities management, building services, stock taking, ship building, aviation, surveying and industrial maintenance.

Why opt for access equipment hire from Lynch?

With access to a complete range of equipment, we can fulfil all of your platform rental requirements, whatever the job.

Low level access

Low level platforms offer access up to 11 metres and are narrow enough to fit through standard doorways and passenger lifts.

Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are access platforms that move vertically on a scissor mechanism to give users access to up to 22 metres.

Boom lifts

Boom lifts, also known as cherry pickers, offer access up to 40 metres, as well having horizontal outreach capabilities.

Truck mounted platforms

Truck mounted platforms offer their users access up to 72 metres with a boom-type mechanism.

Van mounted platforms

Van mounted platforms are vans with boom-type mechanisms mounted on their roofs.

Non powered material handling

Our material handling attachments are designed to reduce manual handling and improve safety at height.

Specialist platforms

Specialist platforms allow access to areas which many traditional boom and scissor lifts would not allow.

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