Looking to hire Attachments?

Lynch is one of the leading specialists in the hydraulic attachment industry. We have over 30 years’ experience in the field, backed up by a team of friendly and helpful staff that is committed to serving our customers. From the quarrying industries to construction, from demolition to recycling, we can ensure you receive support wherever you are based in the UK. Our customers rely on us and so can you.

Why Choose Lynch?

We offer immediate availability with attachments and cradles to suit almost every excavator in the UK. Lynch is able to offer same day deliveries if required.

  • One of the largest rental fleets in the UK. n Specialist team working on attachments with a wealth of experience.
  • No minimum hire period on all of our standard attachments. n Market leading products that are renowned for their reliability, performance and productivity.
  • Delivery and installation — all of our attachments can be installed by our experienced field engineers who will fit and install our products on your excavator to ensure you have maximum performance.
  • Priority repair or replacement in the event of breakdown.
  • Technical support to ensure that you are getting the correct product for your application.
  • We want you to be able to work to the highest standards.
  • Lynch can provide a full range of Pro-Dem and Atlas Copco products nationwide.

All are available at a daily hire rate which includes:

  • Hydraulic Hammers
    Available for all excavators and the toughest environments.
  • Multi processors
    Featuring four tools in one body.
  • Static pulverizers
    Designed for demolition work, concrete reduction and material sorting.
  • Rotating pulverizers
    For demolition work, concrete reduction and material sorting.
  • Mini crushers
    ProDem mini crushers provide rotation without the need for a hydraulic rotation circuit.
  • Hydraulic Compactors
    Maximise productivity and minimise the downtime of your excavator.
  • Hydraulic magnets
    We’re the main importer of the Dynaset range of hydraulic magnets.
  • Augers
    Market-leading augers designed with maximum torque.
  • Piling croppers
    We now offer seven different types of pile cropper.
  • Piling hammers
    Provide you with an effective method of piling into most ground conditions.
  • Dedicated steel shears
    Available with 180° or 360° rotation.
  • Ripper teeth
    Our powerful, heavy duty ripper teeth are available for most excavators.
  • Digging clamshell buckets
    Ideal for excavations, landscaping, trench digging, log handling and more.
  • Re-handling clamshell buckets
    We offer the complete range of Kinshofer re-handling clamshells to suit all excavators.
  • Crusher buckets
    These powerful units enable you to crush and recycle a wide range of construction and demolition hardcore/concrete.
  • Transverse/rotary cutters
    Crush and recycle a wide variety of construction and demolition hardcore/concrete.
  • Heavy duty selector grabs
    For selective demolition, sorting and loading of recyclable materials.
  • Orange peel grabs
    We provide peel grabs 4 and 5 tines with volumes from 450 to 1,000 litres for excavators with operating weights from 16T to 50T.
  • Pipe Lifters
    The Pipe Lifter is a non-hydraulic attachment for the lifting and placing of concrete pipes.

Can’t see what you’re looking for? We also have a range of buckets, including riddle buckets, rotary screening buckets, tilting buckets and V buckets for you to hire. Contact us on 020 8900 0000 or download our latest attachments brochure.