Get the most from your machinery with our wide range of attachments

Our excavators, forklifts and Bobcats come with a wide variety of attachments that enable you to use the machinery for other applications.

All are available at a daily hire rate which includes:

  • Hydraulic breakers
    Available for all excavators and the toughest environments. View Range >
  • Multi processors
    Featuring four tools in one body. View Range >
  • Static pulverizers
    Designed for demolition work, concrete reduction and material sorting. View Range >
  • Rotating pulverizers
    For demolition work, concrete reduction and material sorting. View Range >
  • Mini crushers
    ProDem mini crushers provide rotation without the need for a hydraulic rotation circuit. View Range >
  • Compactors
    Maximise productivity and minimise the downtime of your excavator. View Range >
  • Hydraulic magnets
    We’re the main importer of the Dynaset range of hydraulic magnets. View Range >
  • Augers
    Market-leading augers designed with maximum torque. View Range >
  • Piling croppers
    We now offer seven different types of pile cropper. View Range >
  • Piling hammers
    Provide you with an effective method of piling into most ground conditions. View Range >
  • Dedicated steel shears
    Available with 180° or 360° rotation. View Range >
  • Ripper teeth
    Our powerful, heavy duty ripper teeth are available for most excavators. View Range >
  • Digging clamshell buckets
    Ideal for excavations, landscaping, trench digging, log handling and more. View Range >
  • Re-handling clamshell buckets
    We offer the complete range of Kinshofer re-handling clamshells to suit all excavators. View Range >
  • Crusher buckets
    These powerful units enable you to crush and recycle a wide range of construction and demolition hardcore/concrete. View Range >
  • Transverse/rotary cutters
    Crush and recycle a wide variety of construction and demolition hardcore/concrete. View Range >
  • Heavy duty selector grabs
    For selective demolition, sorting and loading of recyclable materials. View Range >
  • Orange peel grabs
    We provide peel grabs 4 and 5 tines with volumes from 450 to 1,000 litres for excavators with operating weights from 16T to 50T. View Range >

Can’t see what you’re looking for? We also have a range of buckets, including riddle buckets, rotary screening buckets, tilting buckets and V buckets for you to hire. Contact us on 020 8900 0000 or download our latest attachments brochure.