Bam Nutall gives the thumbs up to Lynch's new on-site safety initiative

Lynch Plant visited a major site in Tonbridge Wells, Kent last week. The project for South East Water is being managed by BAM NUTTALL and the site comprises of all new pipework, treatment plant and network replacement.

Lynch met with a number of senior directors as well as a leadership team from BAM NUTTALL and SOUTH EAST WATER. As the site is still live, during the major works teams of 4 or 5 came throughout the morning with over 30 persons during the event.

The idea behind the campaign is simple. When you give the thumbs up sign to the plant operator, you’re asking permission to enter his work zone. You’re respecting the fact that there’s a high-risk item that affects whether you get home safely. You’re showing colleagues you don’t take safety around plant for granted. As you can see from the picture the BAM NUTALL team embraced the idea giving it the thumbs up.

Lynch have plenty more safety events coming up over the next few weeks! For further information please contact the training team on 0208 900 0000

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