Crisis to Construction

Lynch has always had an ‘open policy’ in trying to attract new blood into the industry and its current ‘Careers in Plant’ training scheme which is totally non-discriminatory reflects this. Expanding on the policy Lynch recently set about the challenge of engaging and supporting individuals from a homeless background with the objective of giving them the opportunity of rebuilding their lives.

Lynch knew this journey wouldn’t be easy and that there would be many challenges along the way. However, by working in a collaborative manner to ensure success, last week, in Birmingham, director Steven Sutch (who himself has been integral in getting the project off the ground) had the pleasure of meeting the candidates who have now been placed on a six week training programme. Lynch takes great pride in this achievement but is certainly aware this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of others. Therefore Lynch would like to extend a special thanks to Alan Swann of Morgan Sindall, West Midlands Combined Authority and Dara McCarthy, all who have helped make a difference by breaking down the stigma around homeless people. Further thanks go to Lynch’s Gez Bonner & Tom Law who have connected with some great candidates by taking the time to listen and engage with them.

Watch the videos of Director Rob Lynch explaining more about why Lynch was keen to get involved with this project. Plus Plant Operator Trainer & Assessor Gez Bonner explaining more about the scheme and expectations of training these guys to go on and be the best operators they can possibly be.