Digging deep in Moorgate

Lynch Plant Hire has been working hard in Moorgate, London on a huge basement dig with one of our tracked loading shovel. The Cat 953D is a brilliant tool for this type of work being able to move large volumes of material in a very short space of time, feeding the telescopic excavator and lorries above. This machine is not that common in the UK market but Lynch has a very wide range of equipment and skilled operators to meet our customer hire demands.

The 953D is small enough to work in the tight space but strong enough to deliver the performance. The machine has a full range of safety equipment including, green beacons, FOPS, Fire Suppression system, and heavy demolition guards. The 953D had to move 25,000 cube metres of spoil to the loading points. The site had an average of 60 - 80 lorries per day. The materials have been taken to a project in Dartford region. Our client O’Keefe Construction Ltd was given this project in October 2017. The basement is due to be excavated down to 20 metres to support the new underground parking for office and housing development due for completion in 2019.