Dover Sea Wall Project Completed, ahead of programme and budget!

The Dover sea wall and rail project has now been completed and the line went back into full service on Monday 5th September 2016 ahead of programme and under budget.

On New Year's Eve 2015 our emergency crews were called out by our client Costains to support the urgent works required at Dover, Kent. A large section of the sea wall had been damaged by strong gales and storms. The wall had broken away and left huge gaping holes along the track.

Due to the amount of damaged caused, nearly 2 miles of track needed major works. Lynch Plant hire supported the operation from start to finish. Our first job was to build a rock armour wall on the beach to stop the full force of the waves hitting the damaged wall. We moved over 24,000 tonnes of rock from the harbour to the beach while filling the sinks holes along the coast. This section of the work was completed by 4 x 40 ton excavators, 2 x 50 ton excavators, 12 ADT 30 ton Dump trucks and 1 x D6 Dozer. The wall was completed within 59 days, running shifts 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Lynch also removed all the track and ballast from the site and made the piling mat suitable for the rigs, both weighing in over 150 tonnes each. The next job was to support the piling operation and remove the spoil from the site via the trains provided by the client. 132 piles were placed along the line and this section of the project was completed in 81 days.

Once the rigs were clear from sections of the site we moved in to remove spoils and begun to build the huge concrete slabs required to support the trains and structure of the network. This work was carried out by a range of fully operated plant including 3 x 14 ton excavators, 2 x 25 ton excavators, 2 x 40 ton excavators, various dumpers, rollers and forklifts.

Lynch Plant Hire also dispatched its full range of wheeled excavators from its rail division. These machines supported the project and were a real work horse both on the civil and rail works. During the work Lynch had over 20 operators on each shift 7 days a week.

'The project ran like clockwork from start to finish', commented National Operator Manager Liam Moore. He added 'we really had to manage our resources carefully in terms of operators and plant to ensure the customer always got what they wanted. It's tricky work when you are working on the beach at night as the pressures of the tidal work mean there is a limited time frame to be productive. So many good operators worked on this project over the past 8 months and we can't thank them enough for their efforts in completing the work ahead of schedule'.

This project has had a huge impact on the local towns of Dover and Folkestone and our team worked really closely with the clients team on the site to ensure any problems were dealt with swiftly and without delay..

'The whole company gets behind our work' commented director Merrill Lynch. 'This is not just another hire, this is supporting a major project that has a huge impact with local residents and business. When the line was closed 1000s of commuters were not able to travel into the City of London or get down to the port of Dover in order to catch their ferries to go abroad. We needed to put our full weight behind the project to ensure everything went to plan. We had a huge frontline operations team working around the clock along with all the support staff based at both South East Offices in Dartford, Kent and Head Office in North London. We played a key part in building a section of track which will serve the needs of the area for the next 200 years. I am really proud of the Lynch team and this is a great example of Lynch meeting hire demands. On the opening day of the line Lynch Plant Hire was given a special award for its services to this project. We have copied this award and displayed it across both offices , so all our staff can be proud of the part they played in this major project'.