Lynch Rolls Out Injury Free Environment Workshops

Lynch is committed to cultivating an Injury Free Environment (IFE) on all of its sites and will be rolling out a number of workshops over the next few months to inspire workers and help change their attitudes to health and safety regulations.

Special thanks to Chris Kent (Foreman at Lynch shown on left ) & Chris Grove (Skanska) for delivering such a thought provoking and powerful session.

Significant progress has already been made in terms of making construction sites safer places to work, particularly over the last few years with the introduction of new machine technology supported by robust systems, all of which has helped to encourage safer working practices. However, to reach our business goal of zero health and safety incidents, it is Lynch’s objective to ensure the well-worn phrase of ‘accidents will happen’ is totally eradicated from site philosophy. Lynch believe all on site incidents and injuries are preventable, which is why, to complement its ‘thumbs up’ for safety campaign, it is launching a number of IFE workshops around the country. Compulsory for all its operators to attend, the workshops are designed to create a mindset that will challenge operators to take ownership of theirs and other co-workers actions. The workshop will be instrumental in helping to change behaviour and attitudes to make us all act and think differently about safety. Everyone has the right to go home safely at the end of each day and one of the key objectives of the workshop is to empower the worker to stop work if they consider the action or job to be unsafe in any way.

Lynch’s latest IFE workshop, held at our Hemel office was attended by over 30 operators and was very much considered a great success. One of the discussions that really hit a nerve with the operators was the sudden realization of the high value placed on their own life, not so much by themselves but by their families and loved ones. It was something that up until that point they had never really given much thought to. Therefore to reinforce the importance of their well-being and ensure that safe behavior is observed at all times, every operator employed by Lynch will be issued with a plastic safety card, aptly headed, ‘Take Five and Stay Alive’.

Lynch is proud of its commitment to cultivating an injury-free environment, as a company as well as individuals and will look to work with other such like companies in to achieve its goal of injury free incidents throughout the construction industry