Instant Triumph for our IT team

With all the changes and movements within the Stanmore depot, the IT team were tasked with vacating their current server room of all equipment.

The majority of this is servers which were to be moved over to Hemel, but with the haulage team and some other staff remaining in the Stanmore office, the task was to retain the network and haulage server for these users

Nitesh Murji was given the task to make this happen. He worked late into the evenings to install new network points, which connected to a new cabinet on the main floor, as we couldn’t continue with the existing infrastructure. The second problem was to get the fibre connections moved from the old server room to the new cabinet. After receiving quotes of £3,000 to get the two lines moved, he suggested getting some fibre extension leads and moving these ourselves. After making some enquiries, he ordered some cable and connectors for the small price of £20. Then on one November evening, Nitesh and Andy Vincent successfully moved the equipment in an hour and a half, saving the company almost £3,000. Nitesh has subsequently been rewarded for his 'can do' attitude by making this happen, and coming up with a cost saving idea.