Haulage system goes digital

As a company we are striving to provide the best possible service for our customers. We have employed the best people and have bought the best machinery and vehicles.

In line with the vision of the company, it is imperative to provide a service level that is efficient and cost effective and maximises cash flow while offering even higher levels of service for the customer. This capitalises on our experience and uses technology as a tool for the business.

Whilst having industry-leading staff, a lot of time is spent on aftersales / customer queries rather than promoting the business and expanding our haulage footprint.

We have created a package initially designed for haulage and also standard checklists which can easily and cost- effectively be incorporated into the plant hire side of the business. A critical success factor for this innovation will be reduced ticket processing time (sent direct via email if the client requires, or daily and weekly summary reports for what they have had). This process will ensure there are no lost tickets, POD/POC tickets are available instantly so there will never be a chance of any grey areas as to what has happened on site and ensure we are keeping up with the site’s demands.

Success: Single point data entry follows through from order to invoice allowing turnkey changes in the way data is administrated and processed.

Measured by: Changing the processing role from an input role to a report and check role. The administrator will review the information and flag problems and issues before they are invoiced.

Key result: Visible reduction in invoice queries from customers as simple mistakes through data entry are completely avoided.

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