Lynch employee is recognised in RFG awards

With more and more work going on across the capital, the question of how best to handle excavated spoil had recently started to become a very real concern.

In January 2012, Ray Cripps, one of the Lynch's depot managers came up with an innovative solution, a solution so good he has recently been recognised with an 'Outstanding Individual Contribution Award' at the 2013 RFG Awards.

Ray's plan was to revolutionise the way excavated spoil was transported out of central London.

By utilising the capital's rail network and sending the material by train to Buckinghamshire for treatment, over 17,000 lorries have been taken off of London’s busy roads.

The Lynch Rail Hub was opened in November 2012 and it soon became obvious that it was going to provide the answer the industry was searching for. An 18 carriage wagon, operated by the Devon and Cornwall Railway, is loaded with 1200 tonnes of spoil every day, before undertaking a 67 mile round trip from Willesden to Calvert. The spoil is dropped at a 100 year old chalk quarry, where it is processed into a restoration material.

The new process uses 1,100 litres of Gasoil per trip - in order to transport the same amount of spoil by road, 90 lorries would have to make the journey, which would require 9302 litres of white diesel. Overall, it is believed that the new method creates 70% less CO2 emissions that the traditional method of spoil removal.

With Ray at the helm as Waste Facility Manager, the team at Calvert are hoping to handle 200,000 tonnes in 2013, and plans are in place to more than double the handling ability to 500,000 tonnes in 2014.

Lynch employee RFG muck away innovation award
The Lynch Rail Hub operates around the clock

Over 140 customers have already benefitted from the Rail Hub scheme, and it is hoped that this figure will continue to grow. Such a project has never been undertaken in the Central London construction industry before, but with Ray's ingenuity and the support of the industry, Lynch hope to make Rail Hub the industry standard for spoil disposal.

Sales Director Robert Lynch commented "It is fitting that the first industry award for Lynch has gone to an exceptional person within our business. We attract a lot of brilliant people that the way we serve our customers, Ray decided that it was possible to completely change the way we served our muck away clients in central London, and it has been a pleasure to support him on this amazing journey on the Rail."

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