Dan Saves the day at Cotsgrave

On a Monday morning Dan Pederson received a call from Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering (BBGE) stating that the operator hadn't arrived as planned at 0730hrs on their site at Cotgrave Nottinghamshire. Dan chased this up with the depot and was informed that the operator had broken down and was unable to get to the site.

Dan explains, "I left it with the depot for just over an hour to see if they could source a replacement operator but they had no joy."

After discussion with the client and as Lynch were trialling their excavator and auger against another auger that BBGE always use on site, it was clear they really needed an operator on site that day.

Dan called Chris Gill to make him aware of the problem with the operator and at the same time offered him a practical solution.

As he was only an hour away from the site at the BB main office in Sheffield, he proposed that he should go and operate the excavator.

After Chris had double checked with the depot that no one else was available, he called Dan back with his agreement to proceed with his solution.

Dan then spoke to Phil at BBGE and advised him that although we couldn't find an alternative operator, he was prepared to operate the excavator and could be on site in an hour. Phil was over the moon with this and thanked Dan for offering his services.

Dan arrived on site around 11.30am and after the induction started the auger work.

BBGE were initially impressed that Dan bore down 3m deep almost as quickly as the existing auger they had on site. As this was in quite soft ground they also planned for a trial the next day in harder ground.

The next day and in harder ground, BBGE were impressed once again with Dan's auger work as he was only around one minute slower than the other machine but had left clean holes without spoil around them which they preferred.

Job completed and a happy customer who then signed the timesheet for 9hrs each day.

Overall BBGE were totally impressed, so much so that they placed a new order for a 25t excavator and auger in Worksop, starting on 19th April for a period of four days.