Lynch delivers first Hybrid Excavator to HS2 at Euston

Addressing environmental issues such as pollution and noise are constant challenges for contractors taking on major infrastructure projects – especially when it just so happens to be one of the biggest in Europe, namely HS2.

To tackle these issues and reduce the projects overall carbon footprint, Lynch Plant Hire has been instrumental in delivering the first ‘Hybrid’ excavator, the Kobelco SK210LC-10, to the HS2 London, Euston project.

This Hybrid excavator offers more power with higher efficiency and is equipped not only with the very latest hybrid technology, but also has the addition of an electric slew, a lithium-ion battery powered generator motor and a smart control unit. The machine reduces fuel consumption and minimises exhaust emissions by 88%, resulting in less pollution and noise – all without impacting productivity, which is ultimately good news for the contractor CSJV and more importantly, the environment.

This superb excavator has been further enhanced with Lynch industry-leading specification of 360-degree cameras, height and slew restrictors, as well as a high visibility fluorescent handrails for greater visibility.

Lynch’s Head of Key Accounts, Chris Gill said; “We reviewed the current Hybrid excavators available on the market and while price was obviously a factor, it was not the be all and end all; it was much more about getting the right machine with the best Hybrid technology that would deliver for our client. For Lynch the fuel consumption figures and low emissions, without any compromise on performance, were a key part of the decision to go with the Kobelco over its rivals”. He went on to add; “This machine is a symbol of the Lynch Plant Hire approach – we listened to our customers’ requirements, did our homework and invested in the right equipment needed for the job. Credit to the Molson team for getting the machine ready and to the specification required at such short notice – we need great suppliers to help us deliver on the high standards we set ourselves”.

HS2 is the £55.7bn planned high-speed rail line linking the South East to the North of England with the first phase extending from London Euston to Birmingham Curzon Street. This project is one of many ‘enabling works’, in multiple locations around the country that Lynch Plant Hire are now actively involved with; supplying a range of services from operated plant, haulage and muckaway, as well as transport moves.

What sets the SK210HLC-10 apart?

The Kobelco SK210HLC-10 Hybrid excavator is redefining what a Hybrid excavator can do, thanks to a number of unique features that no other Hybrid excavator can boast. It is based on the standard Kobelco SK210LC-10, which means it comes with a tried and tested base unit. Whilst the complete undercarriage, engine and hydraulic systems are identical to the standard SK210, the addition of an electric slew, a lithium-ion battery powered generator motor and a smart control unit are what makes this model very special indeed.

Lithium-Ion battery pack:

The Kobelco SK210HLC-10 is the only hybrid excavator on the UK market to feature a Lithium-Ion battery back that stores energy recovered by the machine; other Hybrids run a capacitor system. Energy is recovered by the Kobelco during slew braking and when hydraulic oil is returned to the tank during operation of the boom and arm functions. The ability to generate and store energy within the machine is a real game changer in comparison with other Hybrid models on the UK market. The Kobelco’s ability to store and distribute the power stored over longer periods of time creates a smoother operating experience and delivers improved fuel consumption figures.

Electric slew motor/generator:

Most Hybrid excavators feature an electric slew motor, replacing the hydraulically operated slew motor on standard models – thereby creating a “Hybrid” excavator. The Kobelco SK210HLC-10’s unique feature is the fact that this slew motor also functions as a generator during deceleration when slewing the machine. The slew motor/generator performs a similar function to that seen in Formula 1 cars and their KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems). A key benefit when comparing the Kobelco Hybrid to other hybrids available, is that the slew motor is run independently to the rest of the machine controls. This means that operators will not experience delays when switching between slewing and digging functions

Smart control unit:

Kobelco have also developed a smart control unit that is positioned above the Lithium-Ion battery pack. This unit measures the demands being made on the machine and is capable of delivering 25Kw of power from the battery to the engine when the machine is under heavy load. This boost of power allows the machine to work at a lower RPM, saving fuel and reducing engine wear whilst still delivering the power the operators require to complete the task at hand.

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