Lynch Hemel Hempstead adopts chain and lifting accessory safety process

Noting that depots hold lifting accessories (chains, strops, shackles etc) that are subject to the ‘Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998’ (LOLER), a new process has been adopted in the Lynch workshop at Hemel Hempstead to safely manage strops and chains when in use. This will soon be rolled out nationwide.

Service Hemel Hempstead now operate a colour code system for all strops and lifting chains. Each strop and chain is now fitted with a coloured cable tie and where applicable a metal safety tag detailing key information. By integrating a colour code system engineers will be able to instantly identify when the equipment was last examined by the external examiner and whether the equipment should or should not be used.

The process requires all users to conduct a series of basic before use checks. Once they are content that the item is serviceable and has the correct coloured cable tie and/or metal tag they are then asked to sign for the equipment. The process demonstrates Lynch’s duty of care under the LOLER regulations where lifting accessories are used by supporting staff and contractors.

The photos show our Hemel service engineers receiving training from G&J Plant in ‘basic before use’ checks.