Lynch introduces new safety features for all new road vehicles

Lynch's drive to improve the safety of their ever growing number of road vehicles is never ending and therefore we have introduced a number of new features, as standard to our new Tippers, to help reduce the likelihood of our fleet being involved in road side accidents.

These new vehicles now feature a near side lower vision window which with the extra visibility they offer, should help our drivers prevent accidents when changing lanes especially with venerable road users. Furthermore Lynch has already installed 360 recordable camera systems as well as side-safety sensors which lends extra support to the driver helping to reduce any blind spots. Furthermore, left turn warning devices are fitted to the outside of vehicles.

New safety features for all Lynch road vehicles

In the unlikely event of an incident this equipment can be downloaded onto a computer for full analysis and submission through insurance channels. On board recordable equipment also allows greater visibility of our driver's behavior which is monitored on a regular basis.

Additionally Lynch have also now introduced a number of working / training vehicles with a third seat to give better driver tuition and assessments. This again will assist in ensuring our drivers continue to deliver a better overall driving performance and will allow our instructors to assess more than one driver at a time. All measures to help prevent and reduce the likelihood of road accidents.

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