Lynch invests in four Engcon Tiltrotators

Lynch has incorporated Engcon's innovative tiltrotators into its fleet of 14 and 20-tonne excavators which are now being used in some of the UK's largest infrastructure projects, including smart motorway upgrades and major extensions to Britain's rail network.

Director Merrill Lynch, commented: "As the scope and scale of our work increases, so to must the diversity of our excavators. Having considered incorporating tiltrotators into our fleet for some time, partnering with Engcon, the world's leading tiltrotator manufacturer, seemed the logical next step. Using Engcon's innovative equipment on our fleet of 14 and 20-tonne excavators has already seen a real increase in efficiency at the sites on which they're being used, especially smart motorway upgrades This work is particularly complex because of the tighter spaces our excavators have to operate in, however, thanks to Engcon's tiltrotating heads, our excavators are able to deliver even greater precision, whatever the space restrictions."

In total, Lynch has purchased four tiltrotators which are adaptable for all excavators and are EC-Oil ready - Engcon's own system for the hydraulic and electrical connection of hydraulic tools and attachments.