First 50 tonne Volvo for Lynch Plant Hire

L Lynch Plant Hire has invested in their first of many 50 tonne Volvo excavators in the guise of an EC480E.

The new arrival has been put straight to work on a long term hire contract for a civil engineering company on harbour development work at Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. It joins in excess of 30 items of plant on the site which includes 14 and 21 tonne Volvo excavators – all on hire from Lynch Plant Hire. “We have been buying Volvos for the last 13 years,” says Lynch's National Service Manager Giles O'Sullivan-Wade. "There is no doubt that it is a solidly built, premium product, which always rewards us with strong residual values. Our operators and our customers' operators appreciate them too and we find them to be very fuel efficient and highly productive."

The Stage IV Final 13 litre engine, featured in the EC480E develops 378 nett hp and is ideally matched to its automatic sensing mode hydraulic system. The machine's hydraulics are perfectly matched to the engine and are controlled by an advanced system which provides on-demand flow and reduces power losses within the circuit. Volvo's unique ECO mode contributes up to 9% of the machine's total improved efficiency over the D model– without any loss of performance in most operating conditions. As well as improving fuel efficiency, this increases controllability for more precise performance. Otherwise, Volvo's integrated work mode system offers the operator a choice of five work modes according to the task in hand – I (Idle), F (Fine), G (General), H (Heavy) or P (Power max) – for optimum efficiency and machine performance. When the controls have been inactive for a pre-set amount of time, the excavator can be programmed to automatically reduce engine speed or even shut down to further reduce fuel consumption and noise. Operators can keep track of both current and average fuel consumption via a simple gauge in the cab.

In order to satisfy a whole range of hires ranging from bulk muck shifting to re-handling and even secondary demolition duties Lynch deliberately specified the EC480E to a high standard. "We wanted to maximise the full potential of this significant investment so have ordered the machine with a host of optional extras," continues Giles. "For instance, we've specified X3 grab rotation for handling rotating selector grabs and other attachments requiring an additional hydraulic service; mass excavation equipment and hydraulic quick fit for fast inter-changeability of end attachments. Thus configured the machine will be able to satisfy the hire demands of our customers without exception."

The new EC480E sports a number of safety features specifically requested by Lynch. Besides the grab handles which Volvo paints in highly visible orange as standard, Lynch opted for the heavy duty factory fitted boxing ring style safety rails and kick plates on the machine's superstructure ensuring safe access to the top of machine for the operator or service engineer. A 360º Brigade Elite camera system for all round visibility was also specified. This 'bird's eye' view provides the operator with a complete overview of where the machine is in relation to potential hazards or objects which are in close proximity to the machine and which can be viewed on the machine's monitor screen in the cab. Other safety features included a travel alarm when the machine is tracking, seat belt warning light and hose rupture valves which are a standard item for the boom and dipper cylinders.

Additional features on the 50 tonne excavator include a hammer-shear circuit and quick fit hydraulics which come as standard and Lynch has added the immobiliser option as well as adding an Enigma tracker system. Volvo's Care Track telematics system will allow Lynch to monitor the overall performance, fuel consumption and the way the machine is being operated remotely.

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