Lynch M23 Safety Training Day

Working with Kier Group on the prominent M23 Smart Motorway project, Lynch has been instrumental in developing safe behavior on site with over 200+ personnel trained to date.

The training day demonstrates all aspects of site safety including;

  • The advantages of the machine’s GKD height and slew restriction system when working beside moving traffic and under bridges or gantries.
  • The operation and importance of the brightly coloured ‘dead man’s lever’ beside the operator’s seat.
  • Ensuring the three points of contact are used to climb in and out of the machine cab.
  • Lynch’s ‘Thumbs Up’ initiative is increasingly being promoted as a good way to ensure that site workers only approach a machine when its operator has acknowledged their presence and made the equipment safe.
  • The day also highlighted the need to avoid underground cable strikes and at the end of each safety course, the risk of a cable strike is graphically brought home when pyrotechnics demonstrate, in a rather thought provoking manner, the noise and effect of such a strike.

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