A Spanish Inquisition!

Our Transport Department in Hemel Hempstead were given a very intricate transport task by Tecozam, a Spanish company working on Crossrail Sites.

The task consisted of moving a tunnel liner, nearly 5m wide, and over 5m in height, from the compound where it was constructed to a shaft 1.2 miles away. The base was moved in two halves, each 12 meters long, sitting on a lorry bed that was almost 4 metres wide. A thorough investigation of the planned route was required which involved many discussions with the Metropolitan Police's 'Abnormal Loads Department', as well as with our supplier, South East Heavy Haulage, resulting in agreement of the route and timing in order to transport the tunnel to its desired location. "The customer was very nervous about the move being successful" commented Gary Clarke, Hemel Hempstead Transport Manager. He added "however with the Saturday night delivery going successfully, and a return journey on the Sunday night going without a hitch, the Transport team ensured that the outcome was one very happy customer!"