Lynch Plant hire and the Dover sea wall project - a video to thank all involved

Back on New Year's Eve of 2015 Lynch's emergency crews were called out by Costain to support the urgent works required at Dover, Kent.

A large section of the sea wall had been damaged by strong gales and storms. The wall had broken away and left huge gaping holes along the track. Due to the amount of damaged caused, nearly 2 miles of track needed major works. Lynch Plant hire supported the operation from start to finish. Our first job was to build a rock armour wall on the beach to stop the full force of the waves hitting the damaged wall.

We moved over 24,000 tonnes of rock from the harbour to the beach while filling the sinks holes along the coast. This section of the work was completed by 4 x 40 ton excavators, 2 50 ton excavators, 12 ADT 30 ton Dump trucks and 1 D6 Dozer.

The wall and rail line were both repaired and back in operation by early September 2016 well ahead of schedule and under budget. This was achieved by running shifts 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

This video is a small thank you to everybody involved in this project.