A refreshing new approach to Operator training

Early December saw the launch of Lynch’s operator training partnership with Citrus Training Group, a company renowned for having a refreshing and innovative approach to 'Plant Training' and setting new standards within the industry.

"We are so pleased to be working in partnership with Lynch Plant Hire" commented Business Development Manager Alan Wright. He added "It’s great when good, solid businesses can come together for the bigger picture and strike up partnerships suitable for everyone involved. From our state-of-the-art training grounds we will now be able to provide a long lasting and sustainable stream of new operators which will not only benefit Lynch but the industry as a whole"

Lynch will be providing the necessary plant and equipment for the training, all of which will be less than twelve months old. Plus, the machines will be fitted with the very latest technology for the students to operate and train on. The training school and students will have access to the plant equipment during the week but it will revert back to Lynch over weekends, bank holidays and the longer summer evenings so Lynch can run its own in-house training programme. It is crucial that new ‘wannabe’ Operators get to learn and train on the very best and latest plant equipment available and both Lynch and Citrus are in agreement that training on machines currently in use in the working environment is the key to this programme.

This new partnership will complement Lynch’s existing apprenticeship and the recently launched ‘Careers in Plant’ training programme - all with the objective of attracting new operators into the industry.

Plant courses are expensive to run, along with the costs of tying up plant into these schemes. However, Lynch is making this commitment now because it is extremely positive about the future of the industry and these plans to introduce new operators into the company are now a key element of our business strategy for 2019. It is felt that this will keep Lynch ahead of the game in its continuing need to meet its customers’ hire demands.