Partnering for Alconbury Weald

Sitting on the transport spine of the country, within the crucible of the Greater Cambridge and Peterborough economy, Alconbury Weald will transform a 1420 acre largely brownfield and gated site into a unique and inspiring place for working, living, learning and leisure.

Lynch Plant are currently one of the partners on the Alconbury Weald Development, Cambridgeshire, headed up by our contracts manager Garry Cross who is developing an exceptional relationship with the project team to assist with the works. The project spans over 17KM and brings many challenges for which Garry and the team who have had to adapt to the various challenges on site.

This partnership is another example of how well the Lynch onsite management works for the site project team. There is a broad mixture of equipment from Lynch with Topcon Machine control.

Urban&Civic will deliver a high quality low carbon Enterprise Campus - creating 8000 jobs. Plans for the site also include provision of 5000 homes of mixed size, price and tenure; 700 acres of green open space; and investment in a range of transport, energy and community facilities to support both the new residents and the surrounding town and villages.

The project will be rolled out over twenty years, in a way that maximises economic, social and environmental gain to the local area and minimises impacts. Keeping partners and neighbours informed, involved and up to date with some of the complex planning processes and development phasing behind a scheme of this scale is a key part of how Urban&Civic work.