Lynch Thumbs Up campaign: A new initiative that aims to improve site safety

Site safety: Get the Thumbs Up to stay safe

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A thumbs up sign is all it takes to improve safety on site. This simple hand signal makes it easy for site workers and operators to communicate effectively around plant

Recent HSE statistics show that, on average, approximately 7 workers die each year as a result of accidents involving vehicles or mobile plant on construction sites. A further 93 are seriously injured.

Those accidents are avoidable, and achieving a substantial reduction in accident figures requires a behavioural change on sites.

Lynch Thumbs Up Safety Campaign

Lynch’s new Thumbs Up campaign is a safety initiative that aims to create more positive habits on site

Thumbs Up is designed to take safety discussions out of conference rooms and compounds and make a demonstrable difference to the way site workers and plant operators communicate.

The idea behind the campaign is simple. When you give a thumbs up sign to the plant operator, you’re asking permission to enter his work zone. You’re respecting the fact that there’s a high-risk item that affects whether you get home safely. You’re showing colleagues you don’t take safety around plant for granted.

Giving the plant operator a thumbs up takes no effort but can have life-saving consequences for those on site.

Thumbs Up site sessions: Make your sites safer places to work

We're offering on-site safety sessions for all site personnel. One of our major contractors has already seen a visible change in site behaviour as a result of the training.

Contact Rob Lynch on 020 8900 0000 if you’d like to make your sites safer places to work.

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