Our digging clamshell bucket hire provides you with exchangeable shells and vertical cylinders. We offer the Kinshofer complete range of clamshells to suit excavators from 1 to 80T.

he shells can be easily exchanged within four minutes and are ideal for excavation operations, landscaping, trench digging, handling logs and more.

Digging clamshell key features:

  • Over-sized bearing system
  • High closing forces
  • Available with or without hydraulic rotation
  • Digging grabs are available with extension shafts to enable a deep dig with a standard excavator

We also provide the following types of exchangeable shells:

  • Clamshell Bucket
  • Excavating Grab
  • Pipe Grab
  • Well shaft Grab
  • Multi-purpose Grab
  • Rock Grab
  • Timber Grab
  • Specialist rail spec Railroad Grab