Looking to hire an electric tracked dumper?

Lynch is really excited to announce that we have taken delivery of a number of electric battery powered tracked dumpers.

The Messersi TC120e has a tracked fully electric undercarriage (no hydraulic) with tilting rollers and patented layout of track to ensure a wide footprint, high stability and excellent driving comfort in all conditions. We are extremely pleased with the benefits that our ever increasing range of electric products will bring to the industry. Benefits that include improving working conditions for all on site by eliminating the gases usually created by their diesel equivalent, as well as reduced noise levels, fuel savings and an overall reduction of the carbon footprint.

Key product benefits include

  • Electric transmission powered by two inverters, two electric motors and two planetary gears.
  • Drive control by two electronic joysticks with automatic reset to zero.
  • Emergency button and electric brakes to ensure maximum operator safety.
  • Hydraulic circuit exclusively for the skip lifting and shovel with electric motor pump controlled by dedicated inverter.
  • An electronic device controls the status of the machine to avoid loss of power or damages.
  • A complete charge of the battery ( Lithium -Iron- Phosphate type ) is enough for a day shift.

To hire an electric tracked dumper please call our national hire number at the top of the page.

Select from the range below:

Electric Tracked Dumpers:

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