The ProDem range of selector grabs comprises 20 models, with operating weights from 75kg to 13,000kg using the same design family. They’re ideal for selective demolition work and sorting and loading recyclable materials.

Benefits of ProDem demolition-sorting grabs

  • Low weight
  • Short height
  • Standard, reversible and changeable wear blades
  • Motionless cylinders - the hoses do not move (which prevents wear out)
  • Cylinders with end damping
  • Long hinge arms to the cylinder for a greater closing power
  • Turning joints sealed with metal seals®
  • The grease nipples are easy to reach, direct into pin bushes
  • The PSG600-D upwards have 2 rotate motors which gives increased rotate power
  • One piece perforated shell skins manufactured from hardox – increased strength, lighter and more durable