Machine Control Specialist (MCS)

Hemel Hempstead

We are now recruiting for a Machine Control Specialist based at our head office in Hemel.

We are looking at an individual with relevant experience and who will be responsible for analyzing options, recommending action plan, and developing/executing implementation plan Salary negotiable depending on experience.

Job Duties:

Primary responsibility of Machine Control Specialist (MCS) is to support machine control on heavy equipment including GNSS, UTS, integrated 2D/3D, and laser. MCS will be expected to stay abreast of developing technologies related to our industry and make recommendations for action as opportunities arise. MCS will be responsible for analyzing options, recommending action plan, and developing/executing implementation plan. MCS will report to and work closely with Director of Technology and Training. Work will include both field and office work may include travel to conferences or other best practice training events.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Tracking machine control equipment
  • Maintain log of:
    • owned equipment
    • rental equipment
    • location
    • purchase date age
    • installed soft/firmware
    • Analyze, recommend, and develop/lead implementation plan for in-house GNSS Store for the purpose of managing grade control and survey equipment location, firmware updates, new purchases, equipment replacement program.
  • Installations
    • coordinate and facilitate our own equipment installation and removal.
    • develop expertise to be able to perform in-house installation and measure-up as needed
  • Repairs
    • coordinate between projects to facilitate diagnostics and repairs
    • develop expertise in diagnositics and basic repairs to serve as first line of defense in solving machine control issues
  • Training
    • develop expertise to support in-field and classroom training for machine control operators
    • serve as first point of contact for any questions or other issues related to machine control
  • Wireless Communication and Cloud Data Storage
    • Investigate, assist development of proposal, and lead implementation of wireless 2-way communication with GNSS enabled machines at present anticipate utilizing functions:
      • diagnostics,
      • uploading designs,
      • performing remote operator assistance
      • downloading potential production data blade on ground
    • Facilitating and accessing survey rover and machine control files files to be provided by survey managers
  • Productivity
    • Investigate, assist development of proposal, and potentially implement plan to utilize machine productivity reporting and analysis
  • Other
    • Equipment Telematics - continue work to leverage technology to help make data driven equipment related decisions
    • Augmented Reality - explore emerging technology and develop/lead implementation as required
    • Survey Drone - possible involvement with survey team to analyze drone data.

Required Skills/Experience:

  • Strong organizational and technical problem solving skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and collaborative skills
  • Ability to trouble-shoot and support to end users
  • Self-directed
  • Detail/results oriented with ability to analyze data and determine root causes of problems
  • Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office
  • Experience with Trimble/Leica/Sitech/Topcon machine control is a plus but not required. Candidates with strong core skills will be considered and trained on the job.

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