Do you need a piling cropper or multi-bar cropper? Our extensive range of croppers means we can provide you with the perfect cropper attachment for your project.

Our range includes:

Piling croppers

We now offer seven different types of pile cropper. Speak to us for more details

Pile croppers

For cutting square pre-cast single reinforcement piles.

Power croppers

Can be used to cut through both concrete and rebar of a single or multi-bar precast pile.

Multi-bar Croppers

For cutting multi-rebar square pre0-cast piles.

CFA croppers

The fast, safe method of reducing cast in-situ concrete piles.

Contiguous croppers

Used on diaphragm walls, in-situ piles and Seacant piles poured directly next to one another.

CHD croppers

For cutting cast in-situ piles with a helical outside finish leaving the rebar intact.

Trench cutters

For cutting down piles in a narrow trench.