Looking to hire a Vacuum Excavator?

Vacuum excavation is a safe and cost-effective alternative to conventional excavation methods. It's the ultimate multi-functional machine - breaking ground, excavating and removing spoil on smooth movement.

The use of Vacuum excavators significantly reduces the risk of damaging vital buried services, thus minimizing disruption in critical areas where there is buried pipework and cables. Other environments such as petrol station forecourts, fuel terminals, gas AGIs, power stations and petro-chemical plants also lend themselves to suction excavation techniques, where more traditional invasive methods would pose a threat to the safety of workers as well as being time-consuming.

Unlike traditional methods of invasive excavation Lynch's operated vacuum excavator offers contractors a multitude of benefits – they provide a safer solution than traditional excavator methods and are able to excavate quickly in most geology types. They also remove all spoil as part of the excavation thus allowing Lynch to provide clients with a multi- functional machine helping to minimize costs and the amount of kit on site.

To hire a Vacuum Excavator please call our National Hire number at top of the page.