Lynch maintains 34% idling across 35 sites this winter
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Lynch maintains 34% idling across 35 sites this winter

By Sophie Holdrick

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At Lynch, we bring low-carbon solutions to our customers. Our Eco Operator training programme blends telematic data and enhanced operator training to empower behavioural change, resulting in a tangible reduction in CO2.

This winter, we maintained 34% idling across 35 HS2 sites in the Midlands. We delivered our Eco Operator programme to over 150 operators from October to January, improving efficiency and lowering emissions.

During the winter months, we expect to see idling rise up to an additional 10%, as colder temperatures mean longer warm-up times and greater reliance on in-cab heaters. By encouraging better communication across the site and educating our drivers when to turn the machine off and use the facilities on-site, we've managed to maintain green idling.


  • Reduces local emissions: increases air quality, which improves respiratory health for all site personnel and local communities where we work

  • Lower carbon emissions: reaching the UK's goal of Net Zero by 2050

  • Saves money: important with increased fuel costs, and the latest red diesel regulations

Initially created for Lynch Operators in 2018, the programme is now a nationally recognised course for NOCN SiteRight and the Construction Plant-Hire Association. Our training has been implemented within the industry, driving the low-carbon agenda across the whole sector.

Eco Operator training helps everyone become carbon reduction champions, using digital tools to improve performance and bring the best efficiency to our customer's sites.

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