Heavy Haulage
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Heavy Haulage

100T Payload

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Heavy Haulage

FORS Gold Accredited

Lynch Transport facilitates the fast, efficient movement of mechanised plant, materials and other heavy specialist loads across the UK. We are constantly renewing our fleet and have a 4-year rolling replacement programme to enable us to maintain a fresh and environmentally friendly fleet of vehicles. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology.

Our Heavy Haulage Lorry features:

Volvo 750/FH16 8x4 Truck 
Faymonville Extendable 2x4 2 Axle Interdolly Trailer 
Specialist STGO Category 3 
Euro 6 Engine
360 Camera 
Left Turn Alarms

With a 100T payload, this lorry can move outsized machines and abnormal loads.

Here are just some of the ways in which we can help:

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