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By Sophie Holdrick

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The Lynch Team have been working in collaboration with Socotec, to fit a bespoke attachment to one of our 9T Excavators. The Rod Handler is specially designed to grab a drill rig pipe and manipulate and rotate it into any position to attach to the mast, which is at a 45-degree angle. This negates the need for the Operator to lean in and attach it manually, reducing the risk for them and making it safer.

Operator Assessor Chris Kent had arrived in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire to supervise the fitting and to learn how it works, but there was no head to connect on to the attachment. The Hire Desk, Operator and Workshop Teams worked collaboratively to find a solution. We were able to arrange for the attachment to be transported to our Southern Depot, fabricate a head for the machine, and get it tested and certified, all within 24 hours.

Chris Kent was then able to provide Red Zone Training and Attachment training for the Operators, ready for the machine to start work on-site in Euston. 

This was only possible due to our fantastic one team approach. All of our colleagues worked in collaboration with our supply chain partners to find a solution, which allowed us to get it right for our customers and ensure the machine, attachment and operator were all ready to go to work.

Chris Kent - Operator Assessor

Well done to all the individuals involved in making our vision of being the best a reality, including Lea Ward, Shelby Thomas, Gene Daw and Rob Francois.

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