Lynch's GPS Journey so far
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Lynch's GPS Journey so far

By Chris Kent

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Our GPS/ Machine Control Technology journey began two years ago following the launch of our CITB-sponsored internal training program. The program aimed to improve operator skills and knowledge, bringing it to a level we, as a company, could be proud of.

The launch of our training program saw the setting up of a dedicated training centre that would replicate site conditions with real machines and GPS models. All our trainers have a robust knowledge base on GPS systems; however, striving to be the best we can be, we gave our trainers in-depth courses designed specifically around Leica and Trimble GPS systems.

Since launching, our training centre has successfully trained countless operators, giving them the knowledge and skillset to use the systems to their full potential. We were recently approached by Blackwell Earthmoving, one of our major key account customers, to assist with training sixty-eight of their engineers, foreman and plant operators. This was aimed to help their team understand how to use the Trimble Platform to its full capability.

Over three months, our training centre delivered over sixty-eight training sessions with feedback from the participants overwhelmingly positive:

We want our operators to get the most out of plant and technology. We are very happy with the high quality of GPS training provided by Lynch plant hire & Haulage which enables this, helping our operators develop and continue to meet our customer needs on our major projects.

Paul Bird - Blackwell Earthmoving

The training program was a huge success and we are extremely proud of our fantastic training team whose Passion and Can-do attitude made this possible. The delivery of this program demonstrates how working collaboratively with our business partners can improve both knowledge and relationships, helping them and us along the way!

Before taking on this challenge, all our GPS/ Machine Control training courses were internally delivered. We now feel that we can expand this to a wider audience using our dedicated training centre, which is not only CITB-funded but also an approved NOCN Site Right Centre. We have a range of live GPS models and real-life training scenarios to help train the next generation of operators up to operational standard to enable them to gain a grasp of this fantastic equipment.

GPS technology is not the future - it is the present! Countless benefits have been realised by not only us but our customers as well - from reducing material costs to speeding up productivity. The technology can bring real benefits to any earthmoving or construction company, with its long-term benefits easily outweighing the initial investment cost.

Let us help you provide a “Right First Time” across all that you do! Our training courses are available for anyone out there requiring high-level training and familiarisation with GPS/ Machine Control Technology. 

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