Introducing our QR Code System and Online Portal
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Introducing our QR Code System and Online Portal

By Sophie Holdrick

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We’re pleased to introduce our QR Code and Certification Portal! 

To streamline our way of working, we have introduced a simple way to get the latest information to our customers electronically. You can now simply walk up to the machine and scan the QR code using your mobile phone. This takes you straight to the purpose-built certification portal, with options to instantly access not only the machine certificates, but also specification sheets, operator guides and Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) data (where applicable).

In addition to the QR codes on the side of all machines, the certification portal is now also available directly from the Lynch website, for when you are not in direct proximity of the machine.  

The level of information available from the Lynch QR code system is brilliant and being able to access the Certificates of Thorough Examination so easily was a bonus. The certificate should come with the machine, but it is my experience that this does not always happen. The fact that I can verify so easily makes my job easier and enables me to complete a more thorough audit. Thank you Lynch for developing and bundling the information, it will certainly help sites be more compliant when registering under the NRMM scheme. The QR code system is a fantastic addition. We see a lot of equipment on site, and it is not often we come across something as brilliant as this set up.

John Fallon, SHEQ Advisor – ESS Modular

Our QR code system is optimized for mobile, improving our user experience. This system is an invaluable tool for auditing and makes compliance a smoother process. Additionally, this aligns with our sustainability vision for paperless working and a digital future.

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