You’re invited to join Lynch at the London's St Patrick's Day Festival 🍀
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St Patrick’s Festival 2023 ☘️

By Kayleigh Goldsmith

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You’re invited to join Lynch at the London St Patrick’s Day Festival.

Bring your family and friends to join in the celebrations and have a fun day in London!

Sunday 12th March

Trafalgar Square

If you’d like to join our walking group, please read the full joining instructions and click on the button below to register.


Walking Group

Please ensure your whole group has assembled together no later than 11.30am, or you could lose your place in the parade. 

The Parade Order has been specifically designed to facilitate the best visual, musical and carnival mix amongst floats, pageant, walking and dance groups, as well as to accommodate, as far as is possible, the requests that have been registered. Your order in the parade bears absolutely no significance to the respect the GLA has for your organisation, it is operational only. Please adhere to the order you have been given to avoid confusion.

The St Patrick's Day Parade attracts many thousands of spectators. The routes are not barriered except at the very tight turns, and the crowds can get very close. It is therefore crucial that you do not attempt to distribute any form of hand outs, free gifts or other materials from the parade or its floats, as this is extremely dangerous as it can distract people from dangers such as approaching vehicles. For the same reason and in accordance with licensing regulations, no charity collections are permitted on or along the route. There are several large vehicles within the parade line-up, and we strongly advise walking groups to maintain a sensible distance from these vehicles before, during and after the parade; our stewards will be on hand to help.

There must be a responsible adult(s) with children at all times. It is the responsibility of parents and group supervisors of those children participating in the parade to make their own arrangements for the appropriate and legal supervision from drop off to collection.

Transport - the best way to get to the 'Parade form up point' on public transport is as follows:

Sections A-C the tube to Green Park

Section D the tube to Hyde Park Corner

However we recommend you check for journey information and status updates on Coaches can drop walking groups off in coach bays on Park Lane (northbound). However, these bays are not for short term or long term parking - this is a drop off area only and parking restrictions will be in place. Under no circumstances are non-parade vehicles to attempt to enter the parade form-up area.

For Safety, Please Remember:

• Make sure you know who is in your group and that you know where they are.

• Wear appropriate clothing for the weather - it is still March and although we can wish for a sunny day, we could end up with wind, rain and snow!

• Wear suitable footwear for the full distance of the walk from Piccadilly to Whitehall

• Bring any medication that individuals may need

• Stay hydrated - if someone is struggling or needs a drink, speak to the stewards

• Listen to the stewards - they are there to help and to keep you safe

• Stay clear of vehicles on the route

• Stay together and try to match the pace of the Parade - we're not in a rush, but we need to minimise gaps to deter others from attempting to cross the road.

• If there is a temporary halt on the Parade, stay prepared to move on, we won't stop for long.

• At the end of the Parade please gather your whole group together and make sure everyone has made it to the dispersal point. Please follow the stewards' instructions for dispersal.

• If anyone is missing or there are any problems, speak to a steward.



We are delighted to welcome the Parade back to London again. We're all incredibly keen to continue making this a successful event and want to ask for your help with this. We work closely with multiple agencies across London including the Police, Fire and Ambulance services to ensure the event is safe, and also that those living and working outside of the event area can continue with their day to day lives.

As ever, many people will be supporting the event, but there will also be a large amount of scrutiny. This year we are once again being very strict about the consumption of alcohol during the Parade. We need all participants focussed on providing the best event for everyone - this is a family event and alcohol is not conducive to that end. 

It is a condition of participation that you do not consume, or have, alcohol within the parade area. There will be zero tolerance to this and we will confiscate alcohol from floats and groups - anyone refusing will not take part in the Parade.

Come along, have a great day, get a drink at the bar in the Square.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

If you have any questions, please email

Join the parade!

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