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Sustainability & Digital Alliance

By Lucy Comley

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Yesterday our team hosted our first Sustainability & Digital Alliance Event. The group was made up of like-minded peers in an industry community, with a neutral and collaborative outlook. 

The event saw key clients and stakeholders come together to explore new technology developments in machine control. Working with Bam and Trimble we explored a test project to discover how technology can solve problems we are continually faced with within the industry. In addition to this, the presenters explained how these solutions provide a sustainable solution for the future. 

With our attendees being leaders in their field it was great to see how the advancement in technology was challenged by our guests demonstrated by a collection of Q&As throughout the day which generated a buzz around the room.

It was a fantastic event, that we are delighted to host. It stimulated great conversation amongst our industry’s top influencers. We hope that it will lead to a safer and more sustainable industry.

Paul Keenan

Going forward the Alliance will meet regularly throughout the year to discuss the future of our industry and innovative technologies, and how we can get the most efficient use of their current technologies, on your sites today.

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