Lynch's Supply Chain Sustainability School Education Plan
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Lynch's Supply Chain Sustainability School Education Plan

By Sophie Holdrick

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The Supply Chain Sustainability School celebrates its’ 10th birthday this month! The School is an award-winning industry-wide collaboration, with over 45,000 users and includes all aspects of the industry, from infrastructure to facilities management.

As partners and gold members of the school, we are proud to have been involved with many great collaborative initiatives like the People Matter Charter and Plant Charter. The People Matter Charter identifies what an organisation needs to have in place to treat people responsibly, and the Plant Charter, which we recently support with the latest updates last year, aims to drastically reduce onsite emissions that are harmful to human health and the planet.

Additionally for this year, Lynch have launched our new Sustainability Education Plan. This means that every Lynch team member actively engages with the School’s learning modules, completing their individual personal action plans and sustainability modules.

Our aim is to increase education into sustainability matters across our whole business, and embed responsibility into all job roles.

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