Electric 2.6T Volvo ECR25 lands at Lynch’s Southern Depot
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Electric Volvo ECR25 trial

By Lynch

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Lynch is excited to welcome the NEW Volvo ECR25 Electric Excavator, which joins us for an innovative trial. We are passionate about building a better tomorrow for future generations - we will be working in collaboration with customers, showcasing this fine example of Electric Plant Technology on site. These trials are important to demonstrate benefits of Electric Plant, like cleaner air and reduced noise pollution. We also expect to see improved productivity and lower running costs.

Over next few weeks, we are running three trials across different sites. We will be measuring efficiency and output, comparing these machines against their diesel counterparts. With our existing 1.5T Fully Electric Excavators on the fleetwe’re excited to see how the Volvo ECR25 will perform, with this machine being almost double the size. 

This fully electric design offers a sustainable solution, with zero emissions reducing the environmental impact of projects. Ultra-low noise and vibration levels makes for a quieter working environment, allowing for better communication between Operatives, resulting in safer and more productive working 

We are committed to a Greener Construction Industry and growing our offering of Hybrid and Electric Machinery is just one of the ways we work to achieve this. We are proud to be taking part in this trial and are looking forward to seeing the machine in action over the coming weeks

Chris Gill - Director

For more information on our Hybrid and Electric plant, visit our product page or call 020 8900 0000

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