Ben Cross joins the Lynch Team!
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Ben Cross joins the Lynch Team!

By Lynch

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Lynch is thrilled that Ben Cross joins the team as the new Head of Strategic Performance. Ben will be working closely with people across all areas of the company, helping to build successful and collaborative teams. 

Ben joins us from Skanska, where he was heading up Supply Chain Collaboration. Ben has enjoyed working with Lynch during his time with Skanska. In an interview with us, he explained that “I appreciated the way the team worked, and the hunger for more.” 

Over the past 5 years, Ben has worked closely with Lynch, on the award-winning A14 project. Ben was instrumental in bringing all members of the supply chain together to collaborate and meet the needs of the customer.

As part of this work, he presented a “Be Better Together” Talk at our Southern Depot, a series of facilitated workshops that helped the team identify improvement opportunities for performance, togetherness and teamwork. This helped forge a great working relationship with us. “I recognise the phenomenal improvements that have been made over the past 4-5 years.” He explained.

Ben recognises that change can be challenging, but he describes himself as a ‘facilitator of change’, rather than a ‘changemaker’. This means that he works with teams to help them find their potential and become accountable for their changes and successes. 

He is excited to join the Lynch team and be part of the Lynch family. 


Teams and families go hand in hand. I love working with people and teams, and so I’m excited to interact with the whole business.

Ben Cross - Head of Strategic Performance

We asked Ben why he chose to work with Lynch. He explained “it’s clear that the focus is on the people. Leaders at Lynch recognise that there are great people here, and I want to help people to reach their full potential.”

It’s great to have you onboard, Ben.

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