Lynch restore wetlands for the Castle Bromwich Parklands
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Lynch restore wetlands for the Castle Bromwich Parklands

By Sophie Holdrick

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Lynch were delighted to assist the Castle Bromwich Parkland on their environmental project, lending an operated 9m Long Reach Excavator.

The Castle Bromwich Parkland is a Local Wildlife Site (LWS) and historic estate, working in partnership with the LYRiC (Love your River Cole) project and Wildlife Trusts. They have been working hard to improve this neglected nature site and bring life back to the area. The wetlands were drying out due to lack of management with trees, pond sedge and willowherb taking over, and needed restoration.

They needed to recreate the wetlands and habitats by removing pond sedge and mud and letting the ponds naturally fill with water. To help achieve this, we provided a 9M Long Reach Excavator and Operator. We spent the day clearing the area and creating sloping gradients throughout each pond section. These improvements will create a range of diverse habitats for the wildlife and allow the trust to plant seeds in the springtime.

Thank you Lynch for donating plant and labour to help improve and restore our wetland at the Castle Bromwich Parkland. This has made a fantastic difference to our site.

Tara Higgs, Manager for Castle Bromwich Parkland

The Castle Bromwich Historic Gardens are an integral part of the local community and they host many activities throughout the year like outdoor theatre shows and picnics. The enhancements made to the gardens will help visitors to wander, explore, relax, and connect with nature. We are passionate about projects and proud to be making a real difference to local communities.

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