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Celebrating 25 years of operating for Lynch

By Lynch

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Doran Edwards has been a Plant Operator with Lynch for over 25 years, which is an amazing milestone. We caught up with Doran to find out how he started and what’s kept him going for over two decades…

Doran started with Lynch in 1995, when the company was based in Wembley. He remembers meeting Liam Lynch for the first time and being assessed while operating a JCB. “Liam said that I was good, and he gave me the job!” He has fond memories of Celia Lynch, Liam’s late wife, and he remembers Company Directors Merrill and Rob when they were younger.

Although he has operated plant for over two decades, Doran is actually a carpenter by trade. He was one of the best students in his year group at school where he learnt the trade. He spent time making cabinets for a furniture company before encountering plant for the first time.

He learnt to operate plant whilst working as a labourer on a scrapyard in Bow. He remembers “I asked the site foreman if he could go and get someone to load up the skips with this machine, and he told me to jump in and do it myself! I said that I couldn’t, that I didn’t know how, but he said I’d learn. And then, once I’d got in that machine, he told me I was good, and to stay in there!”

After getting to grips with a range of varied plant machinery, Doran applied to work at Lynch, 25 years ago. The rest, as they say, is history.

We know that Doran will go out of his way to help anyone. Customers will often comment about his exceptional ability as an Operator, but even more importantly, they love working with him on site. Doran has been involved with major flagship projects, such as the Bluewater Shopping Centre, the Olympic Park and is now working on Britain’s biggest infrastructure project, HS2.

Merrill Lynch - Director

Right now, Doran is part of a team operating Plant Machinery on a HS2 site in London. He is pleased to be part of such an exciting project — he enjoys driving a machine and he loves what he does. “I love what I do, wherever I do it,” he comments. “When you know what you’re doing, for a good company and with people who are good, you will enjoy your work. That’s what’s important.”

Doran recalls the challenges and changes he has faced over the last 25 years. He has seen the industry adapt to become more inclusive, and he has seen Lynch grow, getting bigger, employing more people, and acquiring more machines. He has seen the company evolve and been involved with some exciting projects.

“Every day I thank God that I’m still at work and I’m still alive. I remember so many people at Lynch who helped me out as well. I also want to say thanks to Liam, because 25 years ago he believed in me and he gave me the job. It’s great and I love it.”

Thank you for your 25 years with us Doran. We are proud to have you as part of our team.

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