Supporting Local Communities: The Bubble & Squeak Bus
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Supporting Local Communities: The Bubble & Squeak Bus

By Sophie Holdrick

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Through a collaboration with Costain-Skanska Joint Venture (CSJV), we have converted a 2003 Volvo Plaxton bus for charity organisation Bubble and Squeak. An opportunity arose to acquire and repurpose this bus through the Costain Skanska Joint Venture, which was decommissioned due to no longer meeting emission standards. 

Working with CSJV, the bus has been fitted-out with tables, chairs and a television, and will act as overflow classroom. The outdoor space has been wrapped with astroturfing designed by the school, and some astroturf has also been fitted to some of the floor and walls.  

The bus is now installed and in use at Old Oak Primary School, close to works on HS2. Children and the local community will be able to use space and enjoy the environment. 

Dan Hunt, Programme Director for CSjv, said that “the bus was a great example of how we can work with our local communities and schools to provide greater resources and give children a greater learning experience.”

We are so happy to see the bus we upcycled being put to great use by Old Oak Primary School. The years of learning and fun that will happen on the bus are a great legacy of the HS2 project.

Robert Lynch - Director

Fraser Scott, Work Package Manager for CSjv who coordinated the delivery of the project, said that “the venture was a great example of multi-disciplinary subcontractors acting together to provide a product with real tangible benefits to the community.” 

Lynch were delighted to attend the handover event at Old Oak Primary School, where representatives from CSjv were able to hand the bus over to the charity and the school, and Andy Slaughter, local MP, officially opened the bus for community use.  

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