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Lynch 12 Days of Christmas: Overview and Rules

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This year has certainly been challenging for many of us, but we can still celebrate the festive season and raise awareness of a great cause! We have 12 days of Christmas Lighthouse Club Charity Christmas Cracker giveaways starting on Sunday 6th of December 2020 and we'd like you to get involved.

Everyone* that gets involved has the chance to win a Lighthouse Club Virtual Christmas Cracker and enter the Charity's prize draw, with a £10,000 1st prize, donated by L Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage!

About the Charity:

The Lighthouse Club Construction Industry Charity is the only charity that provides mental, physical and financial wellbeing support to the construction community and their families. They receive no public funding and rely on the generosity of those within in the industry to help us continue our vital work.

The aim of the Competition:

To help awareness of The Lighthouse Club Construction Industry Charity and spread some Christmas cheer among the construction community on social media. 

Competition Rules:

  • *Competition entrants must be over the age of 18 and be a UK or Ireland resident to be eligible to win
  • Entrants MUST have a valid email address
  • By entering the competition, all entrants consent to Lynch using this email to supply a Christmas Cracker
  • The prize draw itself is subject to Lighthouse Club's T&Cs
  • Competiton winners will be selected based on a valid entry and a correct answer to each question
  • A valid entry counts as a correctly guessed answer on any of the posts or stories
  • Daily competitions will close at 8:00am the following day
  • Winners with valid entries will be notified at 10am the following day
  • If winners don't communicate with Lynch within 24hrs of the notification, their Christmas Cracker may be lost
  • Competition entrants are allowed to enter once per day
  • The competition will close on Thursday 17th of December at 18:00 
  • The Lighthouse Club prize draw will take place on Friday 18th of December

      It is the responsibility of the Winner to register their cracker to enter Lighthouse’s Draw - please contact the Lighthouse Club if you have any questions on how to do this.

      PLEASE NOTE: Winners must register their Cracker with the Lighthouse Club using the link provided via email, by 12:00 on Friday 18th of December 2020. 

      On Facebook:

      • Entrants must like the Lighthouse Club + Lynch Facebook Page
      • Entrants must guess correctly by commenting their answer on the original post

      On LinkedIn:

      • Entrants must follow the Lighthouse Club + Lynch LinkedIn page
      • Entrants must guess correctly by commenting their answer on the original post

      On Instagram:

      • Entrants must follow the Lynch Instagram @lynchplanthire
      • Entrants must guess correctly by sending a message through the daily the Instagram Story

        Check out the FAQ's about the Lighthouse Club Christmas Cracker here

        To order Lighthouse Club Christmas Crackers for yourself or your business, please visit the Lighthouse Club's website.

        If you have any questions about the social media competitions, please send us a message.

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