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Paul Smith: Operator Recognition

By Lynch

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Paul Smith has been a Varied Plant Operator with Lynch for many years and is a great example of one of our people being the best he can be. He shows his passion and can-do attitude in his work every day. Paul is a great team player and has respect for his work and everyone he works alongside. 

Paul is currently working in Windsor on the Black Potts Weir Project, which involves essential repair works to the final weir on the Jubilee River scheme. This operates to reduce flood risks for residents in the area. 

Adrian Macdonald, Works Manager for BAM Nuttall, had some kind words to say about Paul. 

“Paul’s skill and ability as an Operator is superb, especially given the small footprint on the barge that he has to work in. As the project progresses to the next phase, dredging and placing over 4000T of rock armour, we know that Paul will be pivotal to carrying out the works. He will be dredging from the pontoon with a Long Reach Excavator, and then with a second pontoon, placing the rock armour using a 50T Heavy Excavator fitted with a rock grapple. Because we can only do one exercise at a time, Paul will be operating both machines. 

It isn’t just Black Potts Weir. Paul was with us at Newhaven Bridge works, operating several machines there and we would like to take Paul with us on our next project, where there will be dredging and grading the rock to profile the new slipway works, on a 70T Excavator from a floating pontoon in relatively deep water. 

As well as his great work as an Operator, Paul lives on site with us. We spend time together, we have dinner together, he is a big part of the team, and his opinion is valued.  

Paul is one of the finest Operators I have worked with.” 

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Paul. 

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