Bell ADTs built for a greener future
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Bell ADTs built for a greener future

By Lucy Comley

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Lynch are on a sustainability journey to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2040. Procuring a sustainable fleet is an integral part of our plan and this is why we’re proud to have an order value exceeding £30 million, buying some of the most sustainable ADTs available.

Merrill Lynch, Director at Lynch commented:

"Our partnership with Bell allows us to drive our sustainability plans forward. All our Bell machines are powered by Stage V engine technology, providing greater fuel efficiency and helping our customers to reduce their fuel costs and their carbon emissions."

As well as lowering carbon emissions and the important environmental benefits, using more efficient machines like the new Stage V Bell ADTs can help our customers to save money by reducing their fuel costs. As the government mandate banning the use red diesel for our industry came into effect earlier this year, providing our customers with the most fuel-efficient options is a priority for us.

We run a high number of Bell ADTs on our projects. The state-of-the-art technologies increase operator comfort & safety and reduce our fuel costs and carbon emissions. We’re proud to hire Bell ADT’s from Lynch.

Joe Nelson the Operations Director, Mick George

Hire a Bell ADT and see the benefits straight away.

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