Lynch Carbon Exercise on the journey to net zero
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Lynch Carbon Exercise on the journey to net zero

By Emery Roosburg

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At Lynch, we are on a journey to net-zero carbon, One of our crucial objectives is to educate, collaborate, promote data transparency, and increase on-site productivity for our customers and other stakeholders.

Our sector relies on heavy machinery, with limited availability of hybrid, electric and/or hydrogen-powered alternatives, and not all infrastructure sites are set up to maintain the operation of hybrid and electric machines during their hire period.

So, we decided to use two major resources we do have – our people and our data, in a three-month trial.

The goals were:

  • Reduce idling, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions on site and costs to the customer
  • Educate drivers on their carbon footprint and environmental impact
  • Promote Data transparency by providing data to clients to help them reduce costs and meet their net-zero targets quicker

Using a blend of telematic data and enhanced driver training, we were able to:

  • Reduce idling from 41% to 24%
  • Reduce average CO2 consumption per day by 46%
  • Reduce fuel consumption from 17,124L in November to just 7,944L in January – equating to a cost-saving of over £10,000

Read the full report here.

One-on-one Eco Driver Training with our Team

Reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality are central to SCS sustainability targets. Lynch’s innovative telematics reporting systems and behavioural training are helping SCS achieve these targets

Simon Taylor – Senior Environmental Manager at SCS HS2

This pioneering scheme has the potential to help our clients reach their net zero goals.

The blend of telematics data and training has empowered behavioural change among Lynch operators, resulting in tangible commercial benefits, cleaner air, and a more sustainable construction site. The Eco Driver programme has led to the objective of automating the Individual Carbon Reduction plans. This will require further collaboration within the industry with all OEMs, clients and suppliers.

Read the full report here.

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