Careers in Plant: Passed and Familiarised
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Careers in Plant: Operators passed and familiarised

By Lynch

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Our Careers in Plant recruits have all successfully passed their training, achieving their Roller, Tracked Dumper and ADT tickets. Their intensive training enabled them to gain practical experience and learn important safety information to prepare them for work. 

In addition to their training, they spent a day in the Depot with Operator Trainer Chris Kent, undergoing important Plant Familiarisation. These sessions are designed to give Operators a breadth of knowledge across varied plant – they learnt about specific machines, their functionality, as well as important pre-start and function checks.

“Familiarisation of the plant is just as important as their training. We want to ensure our Operators know exactly how the Plant works and ensure they are safe, efficient and that they understand how to keep the plant in the best possible condition”

Gez Bonner - National Training Manager

These Careers in Plant Operators are working on major construction projects right now, and we will continue to work with them to advance their Career in Plant. Congratulations to them all. 



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