Earth Day 2022
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Celebrating Earth Day 2022

By Sophie Holdrick

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Today is Earth Day, but we see every day as an opportunity to make tomorrow’s world better than it was. We’re proud of our sustainability journey so far and have committed to reaching net zero carbon by 2040.

 This year so far, we have carried out 2,997 material movements, and 99.9% of all waste removed from sites was either reused or recycled locally.

Since January, our tippers have covered over 20,280 miles running on HVO Fuel which has resulted in CO2 reduction of 25.42 metric tonnes, NOx reduction of 26.73 metric tonnes, PM 2.5 and PM 10 reduction of 0.097 metric tonnes, the equivalent of 4 flights to Sydney.

Over the last month, the solar panels on the roof of our Southern Depot have been generating enough electricity to power 36 UK homes, and have saved over 3,727 kg CO2.

By focusing on our fleet, our depots and our supply chain, we want to be a role model for sustainability and environmental change for the entire industry.

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