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From Crisis to Construction with Lynch

By Gez Bonner

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Five men supported by Crisis, the UK’s national charity for homelessness, have been training with L Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage to become qualified Operators. Phil (pictured left) is now operating a Dual-view Dumper on site with Balfour Beatty in Arborfield, Berkshire.

Gez Bonner (pictured right), Lynch Plant Operator Trainer, is directly involved in this project with weekly attendance and support for this group. Gez explained that bringing these guys in, with little to no experience in the industry, was challenging but what we noticed in them was true hunger and desire to change their lives. Gez added: "Seeing the change and the great progress they are making makes us really excited for their future. From a personal point of view, it’s very humbling to see them flourish in their work. Huge thanks to Balfour Beatty and the RMF Group for supporting with this fantastic project."

Matthew Green, Director of Crisis’ Skylight Centre in Birmingham said: "As a society, we must make sure people have the right tools to be able to end their homelessness and employment is an important aspect of this. Our Crisis Employment Services help people prepare for, find and sustain work. We would like to thank Lynch for providing sustainable training and employment opportunities to our members that will allow them to become financially secure. This initiative shows what collaborative working can do for some of the most vulnerable people in society and how it can change lives for the better."

Tessa Leigh Allen Ridge, Lynch National Recruitment Manager, shared: "I’m very proud to be working for a company that gives people opportunities they may never have had before. To know that we can and are helping people that are less fortunate, with the backing of our industry, makes me feel like we’re making a huge difference."

I’m very proud to be working for a company that gives people opportunities they may never have had before.

Tessa Leigh Allen-Ridge

Director Rob Lynch explained: "There are training opportunities out there for people, but the real challenge is to get people into full time work. Balfour Beatty have been amazing to set up a great work opportunity for our guys, our thanks and respect to them."

Andy Bradshaw, Balfour Beatty Project Director, Wokingham Major Highways Project, said: "We are pleased to support this excellent initiative which not only has the potential to empower and upskill homeless people, but can also instill hope and confidence in them to help further their career aspirations. This reflects a growing commitment across our industry to help make a real and lasting difference to the lives and livelihoods of those who persevere and are determined to overcome challenging circumstances."

Be sure to follow Balfour Beatty, Crisis and the RMF Group to find out more about this collaborative work toward upskilling homeless people in our Industry!

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