The Importance Of Training
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The Importance of Training

By Gez Bonner

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In the Plant Hire industry, you can have the most technically advanced equipment, including all of the mod cons available on the market, from your dual view dumpers to your 50T excavators… but if you don’t have the person with the right skillset operating this, you will always fall short of your goals. The advancements in modern technology bring many benefits but also many challenges. Gone are the days of simply getting into the machine, turning the key and setting off.

It’s not only important to have the best plant, it must also be accompanied by the best Operator. The right training and familiarisation with all types of plant that we supply is key to our and the industry’s future. Ensuring that our customer’s sites are safe, and injury free is vital for everyone involved in construction projects.

Working in plant operations for over 25 years, I was not only trained to pass a test on plant, but I was trained by the best, to be the best and to master the plant that I was operating. This is why I am so passionate about training and teaching our Operators to the same high standard. At L Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage, we pride ourselves in having the best Operators in the industry.

Every single Operator, old and new, is regularly assessed for specific projects. Any new Operator that joins the company is assessed prior to starting, ensuring that our high standards are met. All our apprentices are familiarised and nurtured throughout their journey, receiving training on a variety of core plant equipment, to make sure they have the right foundations to build on during their careers.

With any new plant that we introduce to our fleet, our Operators are fully trained and familiarised prior to starting work, so they have full knowledge of the operations for the customer. This includes upskilling our Operators on our new GPS Machine Control equipped plant, not only to provide value to the customer but also to enhance Operators careers.

We work hard to ensure that our Operators are fully aware of and able to work toward our aim of reducing emissions and fuel usage on sites, with frequent TBTs (Tool Box Talks) and feedback sessions. As well as valuing our customers, we value our people, and we understand just how important our Operators are. They are on the front line, and their upskilling, training and knowledge of plant is paramount in moving the industry forward.

Teach first to understand, before you teach to do

Gez Bonner

Lynch jumped at the opportunity to get involved with online plant training during lockdown, working with RMF Training Centre and West Midlands Combined Authority in providing virtual classes for candidates that wanted to kickstart a Career in Plant. We helped with teaching classes of 25 students the importance of site safety, and the theoretical side of plant operations, so they were ready to get stuck in with their practical training. I always say, ‘teach first to understand, before you teach to do’, this has been and will continue to be a fantastic way to train our Operators of the future to the Lynch standard, in a safe environment during these difficult times. We trained over 400 students on varied plant over 4 months, and they are now getting site ready for HS2, and beyond.

We are just at the beginning of some of the largest Infrastructure projects the UK has seen for 2 generations, so the demand for skilled Operators will be at an all-time high. We aim to supply the very best Operators, with the right foundations, skill set, work ethic and knowledge to help push projects forward. Our belief is that everyone that goes to work on our sites, deserves the opportunity to be safe and to go home safe. Safety is and always will be our number one priority. We train our people the right way to benefit everyone and to help make sites a safe place to work.

History tells us that training is crucial to site safety, and we take pride in ensuring that all our Operators receive full and adequate training throughout their careers with us. Our training department continues to work alongside all Operators to achieve our goals and provide the best experience for our customers. My belief is that ‘he who dares to teach, must never cease to learn’. Our training team at Lynch are committed to developing our internal skills to then pass this onto the Operators of today, who will become our stars of the future.

The future is bright in our sector and Operators can make a fantastic career for themselves with Lynch. With the right attitude, work ethic and ambition, paired with our quality training, mentoring and guidance, our Operators can work on some of the biggest and most ambitious projects seen in years.

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