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Lynch Fuel Solutions - Make the switch to HVO

By Sophie Holdrick

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Lynch Fuel Solutions 

There isn't long to go until the new regulations on fuel come into effect, meaning that red diesel will no longer be available for use in plant machinery in the construction industry. These changes mean that we need to make a switch to other fuels. 

Lynch have several options available 

From April 1st, our Plant machinery will come with white diesel. Additionally, we can provide HVO fuel where required. 

Why make the switch to HVO fuel? 

We know how important carbon reduction is not only to our industry, but to the planet as a whole, and the use of HVO fuel leads to emission reductions: 

  • Up to 90+% reduction in net CO2  
  • Up to 15% reduction in NOx emissions 
  • Up to 40% reduction in particulate matter  

As part of your business commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and supporting the UK's net-zero targets, using HVO fuel can help to demonstrate your green credentials. You can make a real difference to the environment, as well as site personnel's health. 

HVO Compatibility 

We have been working with our manufacturers to guarantee the compatibility of HVO Fuel, and we are pleased that we can run HVO fuel across our fleet. We will always provide you with equipment compatible with HVO fuel if you need it.

Full lists, complete with manufacturer guarantees, can be viewed on our product pages.

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